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We are proud to offer a wide variety of programs for all age groups: from social groups, to social and life skills, academic support, and more. All of our programming is designed to help your child to learn strategies they can use in their daily lives.

Academic Support

​Is your child struggling in a typical school environment? If your child is enrolled in an online learning school we will support the academic learning goals as outlined in their learning plan and/or IEP. Your child is invited to receive one-on-one or group instruction if learning is challenging in a regular classroom setting. We can tailor his or her program, working on assigned projects, lessons and goals for his grade level. But we can also provide needs-analysis: social skills, math tutoring, anger management, tools to prevent and cope with over-stimulation, anxieties, and more! Whether your child is on the autism spectrum, has other disorders or diagnoses, or just needs some extra time and attention... we are here to help!

Social Groups 
& Camps

​Are you looking for an opportunity for your child to practice and expand upon their social skills in a supported enviroment?  We offer themed after school groups tailored to appeal to a variety of interests, seasonally throughough the year. Additionally our Spring Break and Summer Camps, are an excellent way for your kids to learn and practice social and life skills in a super fun social setting! The lessons may include flexible thinking, problem-solving, how to make and keep friends, conversation skills, coping tools for anxiety and temper flares, and much more, all while encoperating the most important rule which is Fun!

Early Intervention

Our Caterpillar program is designed and overseen by our Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, who is included on the RASP registry. This centre-based program utilizes the Early Start Denver Model assessment and curriculum, which is a play-based model. Through play, our behaviour interventionists work directly with your child to work on their individualized set of goals as created by the consultant in collaboration with the family. We are highly adaptive and always take a child centered approach to ensure the highest quality of support for each child we work with.


Is your child or youth needing additional support? Our behaviour intervention services are tailored to the individual needs of each client. Utilizing varying assesement tools, our behaviour consultant in collaboration with each family will develop goals  for your child. These domains can range from things like perspective taking, social skills, emotional regulation, problem solving, flexible thinking, life skills, academics and much more. One of our skilled behaviour interventionists will work directly with your child/youth  to build a strong rapport and carry out these programs/ goals. Your consultant is there to help advocate for you, attend school meetings, provide in home support and more. 
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