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We are proud to offer a wide variety of programs for all age groups: from social groups, to coping with anxiety, to academic support in the classroom. All of our programming is designed to help your child to learn strategies they can use in their daily lives.

Academic & School Support

​Is your child struggling in a typical school environment? We provide supplementary academic support, whether you'd like to enroll your child part-time or full-time. If your child is enrolled in an online learning school we will support the academic learning goals as outlined in their learning plan and/or IEP. Your child is invited to receive one-on-one or group instruction if learning is challenging in a regular classroom setting. We can tailor his or her program, working on assigned projects, lessons and goals for his grade level. But we can also provide needs-analysis: social skills, math tutoring, anger management, tools to prevent and cope with over-stimulation, anxieties, and more! Whether your child is on the autism spectrum, has other disorders or diagnoses, or just needs some extra time and attention... we are here to help!

Autism: Over 6
School Program

​We collaborate with Kamloops Christian School, as well as other public and private schools by providing a complementary service to your child's elementary education. Can your child take in some subjects and classroom activities; but other times it's a real struggle for him/her to learn? Whether it's behavioural, academic or overstimulation / oversensitive issues... we can help! Currently we work with a variety of students that spend part-time in the typical classroom setting, and part-time here with us working on whatever necessary to help them cope and learn.  We can work on academic needs, but we also have the capacity to teach life and social skills! We can take them shopping, teach them to cook, learn to manage money and also navigatie local transportation! We also provide project-based learning opportunities; and encourage creative problem-solving! These are skill sets that are valuable for life! 

Autism: Under 6 Behaviour Program

For children with a diagnosis, (on the ASD spectrum), and under 6 years old, we provide a comprehensive Applied Behavioural Analysis program.  This includes guidance and program design by a RASP certified behavioural consultant, who trains and supervises our behavioural interventionists. This is a very customized / individualized program to support your child's learning.  This team utilizes discrete trial training, which is carefully recorded for accurate accountability. Regular meetings with parents are provided, to discuss progress and behaviours and goals. This is an intense but highly successful program . 

Social Groups
& Camps

​Already happy in your current school situation, but just need some after school specific care and help? We provide seasonal after school groups for your kids to learn and practice social and life skills in a super fun social setting! The lessons may include flexible thinking, problem-solving, how to make and keep friends, conversation skills, coping tools for anxiety and temper flares, and much more.
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