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Summer Day Camps 2021

Summer Camps

Camps starting July 5th through to Aug 26th
  • Two age groups 6-12ish and 12-16
  • Located at S204-750 Cottonwood Ave Centre
  • Runs weekdays from 9:00am - 3:00pm

 Ages 6 -12ish Rates

4 or more consecutive days in a week or consistent day of the week (ie: every Tuesday) $120/day 
If space allows and only 4 or more sporadic days are chosen $125/day

Choose 3 or less sporadic days $130/day

AdobeStock_49138060 (1).jpeg

Choose by the week

or consecutive weekdays
or if space allows, sporadic days

Keep your kids active and happy this summer while helping them grow and learn.

Our weekly camps will run out of our Cottonwood location. Campers will spend fun filled days participating in a variety of summer themed activities. Arts and crafts, baking, field trips and lots of outdoor fun.

July 5-8. July 12-15, July 26-29 M- Th
August 3-6 Tu- Fri
August 9-12, August 23-26 M-Th

9am to 3pm

Summer Day Camps
Ages 6 - 12

Rates for Ages 6 - 12

Choose by the 4 day week @ $120/day

Choose by the consistent day of the week.  6 Days @ $120/day

If Space allows and 3 or less sporadic days  @ $130 or 4 or more @ $125/day

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Ages 12 to 16

July 19-22, Mon.– Thurs, 9am to 3pm
Aug.16-19, Mon. – Thurs , 9am to 3pm


Active Summer fun is in order as teens make friends and create lasting memories. Teens will be kept active and engaged during this program which runs for 4consecutive days in July and August. An exciting lineup of outdoor fun and adventures will offer opportunities to learn new skills and refine social skills. Teens can participate in Amazing Race challenges, playing on the beach and enjoy hikes around Kamloops. High adrenaline activities like virtual reality, time at Fun Factor and Jump 360 will be balanced out with various centre-based sports, games, arts and crafts, as chosen by the teen’s collective interests.

Rates for Ages 12 - 16

4 or more days @ $130/day

If space allows and 4 or more sporadic days are chosen $135/day

If Space allows and 3 or less sporadic days are chosen $140/day

Camp and Covid - 19 Protocol

If we cancel programs due to the pandemic, or if you need to cancel within two weeks of your child's camp due to its presence in your community, potential exposure, or due to travel restrictions, we will cancel your registration. If a camper cancels due to other reasons, we will follow our normal cancellation policy.

Camp Systems and Hygiene

We already have systems that help prevent the spread of illnesses through our facility.  This includes educating and promoting thorough hand washing or use of hand sanitizer when washing isn’t an option. Rooms are cleaned daily with multiple scheduled sanitizations of classroom surfaces and doorknobs.  Use of disinfectant wipes on toilets, door handles, sinks, vehicles, and other surfaces is done frequently.
Additionally, our instructors will be diligent about having campers use hand sanitizer off site, before and after lunches and snack times or if they have touched shared program materials.

What about Physical distancing?

Understandably, social and physical distancing is challenging in a summer camp setting. Luckily most of our programming occurs outdoors and can be easily adjusted to accommodate. Our small group sizes aids us in this regard and we will be following the school protocol of  social distancing as much as possible, sitting and eating apart.

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