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Sexual Health for Students

We are excited to welcome Sherri-Ann, as the Certified Sexual Health Educator for students at Social Butterflies.  Sherri-Ann worked with a few of our students last spring while she completed her practicum and we are excited to welcome her back. 


Sherri-Ann has worked for over 20+ years with children, youth, young adults and family members with developmental disabilities.  She has a unique perspective, not only as an educator but also a parent with children with special needs.  Her personal and professional connections give her the ability to understand some of the challenges and unique learning needs of a variety of children and youth. 


Sherri-Ann will be providing body science and sexual health education sessions to small groups of students at Social Butterflies.  There will be sessions available on February 9th & 16 and March 2nd & 9th.  Sessions are based on learning standards set by the BC Ministry of Education and adapted to accommodate the diverse needs of students at Social Butterflies. Below is a list of possible topics.


Foundational topics:

  • Reviewing appropriate terminology to identify body parts

  • Reviewing personal safety, consent and ‘trusted adults’

  • Understanding the concepts of Private Versus Public – places/activities/touch

  • The physical, emotional, and social changes of puberty

  • Introduction to Human Reproduction


Extended topics:

  • Healthy sexual decision making and reducing risks (pregnancy and STIs)

  • Values clarification, setting boundaries and healthy relationships

  • Sex and the law (including age of consent, sexual assault, sexting, etc)

  • Sexuality and gender

She is passionate about promoting meaningful, safe and comfortable sexual health conversations for students and their families.


If you have a child or children that you would like to attend body science/sexual health education, please email us and let us know as space is limited. 

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